March 30, 2016


  1. Background

BudgIT is an organization using civic technology to intersect citizen engagement and institutional reform. BudgIT, headquartered in Nigeria and has expanded to Sierra Leone, is expanding to Ghana. The key objective in focus is to “facilitate the use of citizen-held information as well as information and communications technologies (ICT) tools to raise citizens’ awareness of TOC and corruption and to enhance civil society’s cooperation with the government in addressing TOC and corruption.” This will also touch on “encouraging civil society to advocate for improved access to and use of public information held by government bodies through civil society partnership with government entities.”

BudgIT seeks a Program Manager in Ghana to lead its technology support project and partnership with other allied organizations. The Country Lead will:

  1. Drive engagement on issues concerning corruption within Ghana’s oil and gas sector using simple technology tools (web and mobile access).
  2. Stimulate demand for data in local communities in Ghana through tech applications and civic innovations.
  3.  Explore dissemination approaches relative to various literacy brackets of the Ghana population in engaging the public about issues of abuse and corruption in Oil and Gas sector.
  4.  Support other programmes to expand budget access and project tracking in Ghana.

2. Roles and Responsibilities

The program manager will take on assignments with his/her expertise and as stated in the grant document. The consultant may be asked to lead on work to be performed or may be a contributor to a jointly developed product or team effort.

Specific responsibilities would include but are not limited to:

  1. Support in the assessment of skillsets, collaboration spaces, and right use of technology use for Ghana;
  2. Lead the local team organising the Ghana code-a-thon as well as advise on venue, possible attendees and thematic focus, with close liaison with NIGR;
  3. Provide strategic support in the usage of past and future code-a-thon products by citizens and also relate results to other CSOs as well as relevant institutions.
  4. Provide support on managing  projects and other tech related tasks as defined by NIGR and other partners.

3. Person specification (qualifications, experience and attributes)

  • BSc in any discipline, relevant IT, or media field or B.Sc in another field with at least 3 years relevant experience in information technology and its effectiveness for civic engagement and institutional reform.
  • Three years technical experience working within civil society with good grasp of civic innovations relating to accountability.
  • Demonstrated project management skills in delivering technology projects and related events.
  • Understands appropriate use of innovation, relevant technology access methods in Ghana with the goal of driving engagement on contextual issues relating to accountability in justice and security sector.
  • Relevant experience working under donor support projects, serving governments, institutions, and civil society highly desired.
  • Sound knowledge of web design and maintenance and ability to create apps/support tech tools such as whatsapp
  • Ability to work independently while collaborating with colleagues remotely
  • Validation of samples of work required demonstrating the above skills and experience.
  • Oversee all project activities and be the main contact point for the donor, field staff and partners
  • Responsible for overseeing the development and execution of project deliverables, lead project planning, budgeting, action plans and monitoring processes.
  • Lead and motivate the project team and monitor project activities and project expenditure and coordinate work with consultants and volunteers in the project
  • Ensures close collaboration and coordination with cooperating partners to guarantee smooth implementation of activities and achievement of results as specified in grant agreements.
  • Employs resourcefulness in project design, implementation and monitoring. Trouble shoots project problems. Identifies and implements creative solutions.
  • Relevant skills include Analytical skills and good communication skills, written and oral: Enthusiasm to learn and apply new skills and Good interpersonal and team-working skills;
  • Ability to use Excel effectively for data mining.

4. Reporting and working relationships

The program manager will report to BudgIT Team Lead & Project Manager and Head of Expansion programs in Nigeria. As reporting and working relationships may vary according to the assignment, further guidance will be provided through task orders at the start of an assignment. Applications should be sent to on or before April 15th 2016. Applicants will be contact for immediate interview.

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